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The National Diversity Council is organizing Healthcare Diversity Week to bring together prominent members of the Healthcare community; doctors, nurses, health system executives, and other healthcare specialists. The events of the week aim to recognize the great strides in inclusivity that have taken place within the Healthcare field and to discuss the changes that are still necessary for the advancement of diversity within the community. Delays, and inaccessibility, to needed medical services, dental care, and prescription medication have been correlated to factors, like age, annual income, race, and ethnicity.Healthcare Diversity Week will be hosted over a three-day period and will include presentations, symposiums, panels, training, and networking events. The event will provide the opportunity for colleagues to collaborate and engage in honest, rigorous conversations, sharing their experiences and confronting challenges regarding diversity within the healthcare field as a community.

Events throughout Healthcare Diversity Week will be held in Fort Worth, Central Texas, San Antonio, and the Gulf Coast, where some of the nation’s largest medical center’s will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion on one of the most important topics facing our nation today. Each location will host its own unique event with exclusive speakers, entertainers, and awards.

Healthcare Diversity Week falls under the auspices of The National Diversity Council, which is a non-partisan 501-c3 organization dedicated to being both a resource and advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion.


Healthcare Diversity Week creates a forum where Healthcare professionals can come together to discuss the role of diversity in today’s evolving healthcare systems. Healthcare Diversity Week is a week designed to celebrate, educate and foster a better understanding of the best practices to follow in creating an inclusive work environment.


A healthcare community that cultivates an environment where diversity and inclusion are nurtured.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

Mahatma Gandhi

Indian Activist

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