Welcome from the Founder and CEO


Thank you for your interest in our Healthcare Diversity Week. We will be hosting our Healthcare Diversity Summits across the state of Texas during this week to provide a forum for dialogue and awareness as we seek to build an organizational culture and workforce that is culturally competent and inclusive.

The theme for our 2019 Healthcare Diversity Summits is Creating Inclusive Environments in Healthcare. We will bring healthcare practitioners, professionals, and students together to hear speakers present on the importance of cultural awareness and multiculturalism in medical professions. Topics that will be discussed include “Workforce Changes”, “Diversity is More Than you See” and “Developing Cultural Competence in Healthcare”.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to review the information on our Healthcare Diversity Week and hope that you will be able to participate. We look forward to meeting you.


Dennis Kennedy
Founder and Chairman
National Diversity Council

Angeles Valenciano
Chief Executive Officer
National Diversity Council